Pond Announce April 2022 East Coast Tour

Pond are finally able to tour their latest album, 9, and so… they are!

The last time we saw them live was at Splendour 2019, and they were easily one of the best acts that weekend (definitely better than Chance). No surprises there though: they’re from Fremantle, and it seems like a lot of good things come out of Perth. Adelaide, not so much, but Perth definitely. Pond’s 2022 tour will seem them perform at: The Triffid in Brisbane on Thursday 7 April, The Metro Theatre in Sydney on Friday 8 April, and The Croxton in Melbourne on Saturday 9 April, alongside a performance at Perth Festival on Friday 11 February.

That’s all happening next year, the year 2022, aka the best year in years. In the meantime you should have a listen to 9, if you haven’t already, and definitely check the new video for ‘Take Me Avalon I’m Young’ above; according to keen runner and Pond frontman Nick Allbrook, making the video was the most fun he’s had in ages. ‘I spent two days rushing around Hastings (UK) with my dear friend Bunny and the lovely George, Joe and James Beatty,’ he says, ‘running, swimming, shooting, fencing and playing terrible basketball. It was a dream come true. The freezing sunrise yoga was magical in retrospect, even if I was a brat at the time (sorry Bunny). A perfect seaside weekend; I got to play, and Bunny got to create an ode to his favourite sport, the modern pentathlon.’ Pond.band


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