Polaroid Release Polaroid Now +

I know, I thought the Polaroid company had gone the way of the Caribbean monk seal too, but they’re still around.

Not only are they still around—they’re also making new stuff, and their latest product is the Polaroid Now +. At first glance, the Polaroid Now + looks like an ordinary Polaroid camera you might purchase for $15 at a flea market, but this unit comes with Bluetooth and a phone app that featuring tools like double exposure, light painting, manual mode, and tripod mode. It also comes with a handful of physical filters that attach to the camera to saturate your photos with different colours, create starburst effects or deepen the contrast. Photos can be taken from the app or the camera itself, and you can fool around with the aperture and exposure, which is not something you can do with the older, flea market models. For more information go to polaroid.com

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