Point Break: Raymond Pettibon, Surfers and Waves

You’d know Raymond Pettibon for his inky satirization of American culture, but did you know he’s also dead keen on surfing?

Of course, you did. Everyone knows that. And now there’s a book about it for your coffee table. Point Break: Raymond Pettibon, Surfers and Waves is a gorgeous hardcover tome featuring some 204 pages that present some 100 renderings of surfers from a series Pettibon began in 1985.

‘For Pettibon’s protagonist in these works,’ reads the thing they wrote about it on the publisher’s website, ‘surfing exists apart from all else. Momentarily he achieves sublimity on the wave, distant yet synced with turbulent reality. We are forced to confront our own scale: small and feeble in the face of the power of nature, what is beyond our control.’

The book also features writings by scholar Brian Lukacher, former professional surfer and friend of the mag Jamie Brisick, and current professional surfers Steph Gilmore and Emi Erickson. How much would you expect to pay for a book like this? $500? $1000? Have you been eating moldy bread? It’s $60 at davidzwirnerbooks.com

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