Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

Thank god for podcasts.

When you’ve watched everything worth watching on Netflix, when you’ve read and re-read that page in your book ten times without absorbing any of it, and when your body is screaming at you to stop ingesting cookies like a diabetic with 24 hours left to live—podcasts remain. We did a quick call-around to our isolated brothers in arms (the Monster Children staff) to collect their favourite podcasts of the moment, and here’s what they had to say. Enjoy!

Broken Record 

‘I mean it’s Rick Rubin, do you need to know more? I don’t think anyone has a better knowledge of music, and is better placed to be able to host conversations with artists of this calibre.’

The Adam Buxton Podcast

‘Sweet, funny and entertaining. A unique and highly personalised approach to one-on-one interviewing.’

This American Life

‘Think of the best pub story you’ve ever heard, multiply it by five, and you’ve got This American Life. The hour long weekly show, hosted by the charismatic Ira Glass, has some of the most fascinating, obscure, heartwarming stories of everyday people that I’ve ever heard. Each week has a theme, with stories reported on from a variety of seasoned journalists. One of my favourite episodes from back in 2018 was The Room of Requirement, an episode that tells three pretty magical stories about libraries that is way more interesting than it sounds, I promise.’

The Daily

‘The most balanced and informative podcast on pressing current affairs issues from the last 24 hours.’

Desert Island Discs

‘Interesting people discussing their favourite tracks and why they’re significant to them. An interesting and heartfelt insight into people’s personalities and what inspires them.’


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 How to Fail With Elizabeth Day

‘Man, it gets tiring hearing about the never ending accomplishments of the rich and successful. Why can’t we hear all about their fuckups instead? You can! Journalist and author Elizabeth Day hosts the aforementioned successful guests on her podcast, and asks them to delve deeper into some of their biggest personal and professional failures, and how they, usually, led to great things. One of my favourite episodes is with renowned author Malcolm Gladwell, whose take on his three failures is as thought-provoking and fascinating as you could probably guess.’

Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin

‘Interesting conversations with theatre and film actors, as well as directors, producers and cinematographers. It’s a good one to fill in the gaps during this section of your life. He’s also very passionate about politics and social issues and that threads through his interviews and overall perspective.’

Armchair Expert With Dax Shepard 

‘Dax is pretty hilarious, but also quite deep and a very open guy. Through his and his wife’s (Kristen Bell) network, he gets some super interesting people on his show, and is able to bring up discussion topics I feel most people wouldn’t.’

Business of HYPE 

‘Jeff Staple dives in to the careers and businesses of some of the most influential people in fashion, sport, design and music.’

BBC: The Food Programme

‘Has there ever been a better time to get back into cooking and good food? This podcast from the has interesting stories on any and everything food related, including a whole episode dedicated to the banana, and food sustainability issues.’

Forgotten Australia

‘Forgotten Australia tells “incredible true stories that you didn’t learn in history class.” And it’s true; they cover everything from Sydney’s fight against the Spanish Flu (sound familiar?), anarchic mobs taking over Melbourne for a weekend, and a Lord Howe Islander who tried to save passengers on the Titanic.’

Modern Love

‘If ever you needed a reminder that humanity still exists, you’ll find it here. Don’t be put off because of the title, I assure you it’s far from a sappy romance column-turned-podcast. There’s a sperm donor who meets all his biological children years after donating, a woman who fufils her dying husband’s wish, and a woman who recalls the challenges of dating while manic.’

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