Poach Yourself in Style in this Wood-Fired Hot Tub

If money is no object in your quest to securing the perfect hot tub, this sould be your pick.

The Tubmarine is a four-person, wood-fired hot tub that requires no electricity, little maintenance and heats up in just under two hours. Aside from looking like every pyromaniac’s wet dream, the Tubmarine is built with longevity in mind—the tub is corrosion-resistant, made from 80% recycled materials, and is made with Kebony timber from Norway that requires no additional wood treatment, even after years of usage.

Here’s how it works: you fill the tub with water (unlike other models, there’s no need for added chemicals for the sake of hygiene), light that wood burner up and designate one unlucky sod to be in charge of jumping out into the cold intermittently to play fire warden, stir the tub to mix the hot water through, and then jump in and enjoy poaching yourself to the crackle and pop of a real woodfire. After you’re done, you can also recycle the greywater by watering the garden.

Here’s where I burst your hot tub bubble. The Tubmarine starts at £11,950, so if you’ve got money to literally burn, check out their website.

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