PM Tramples Lawn

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was told to bugger off a taxpayer’s lawn today, and it’s the best news we have for you.

The PM was addressing camera crews in the New South Wales township of Goongong when a mildly exasperated man came out on to his porch and said, ‘Aww, Come on… Hey guys, I’ve just reseeded that.’ The PM and camera crews moved off the man’s lawn, and then the man, possibly feeling a bit guilty about interrupting whatever bullshit story the PM was in the middle of, said, ‘Sorry, mate,’ and went back inside. The Prime Minister finished his big speech, and then made a crack about ‘make sure you stay off that bloke’s lawn!’ proving he doesn’t know much about everyday stuff like how difficult it is to reseed a lawn. Can he start a lawnmower? I’m going to say probably not. In fact, I think he’d struggle to attach a Nylex nozzle to a length of hose. I’ll bet he knows to work his way in from the oyster fork though.

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