Please Enjoy Jacinda Ardern’s DJ Setlist from Laneway

If you thought Jacinda Ardern couldn’t get any better, lend us your earholes as we give you the New Zealand Prime Minister’s DJ setlist.

We don’t use the term DJ lightly either—in the years before being sworn in as the coolest politician since, well, ever, she used to dabble on the decks. As evidenced in the post below from January 29, 2014 (three years prior to being sworn in as New Zealand’s 40th prime minister), Cindy took to Instagram to share her set from Laneway where she DJ’ed to a real-life crowd of punters. 

While her appearance at Laneway Festival 2014 would sadly be her last before government duties ramped up in the years to follow, it definitely wasn’t her first rodeo. The PM’s played a number of uni shows, as well as a set at Real Groovy Records in Auckland for their birthday and Record Store Day.


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And because Jacinda’s always given the people want they want, she was kind enough to post her Laneway tracklist on her Instagram after receiving a few requests—and we’ve done you the service of putting them together on a playlist on our Spotify channel. Unfortunately, her eclectic taste means that we weren’t able to source all her entire selection on the streaming service: noticeable omissions include Street Chant’s ‘Back or White,’ Mint Chicks’ ‘She’s a Mod’, the Snoop Dogg/Led Zeppelin mash-up ‘Drop It Like It’s a Whole Hot’, Buddy Holly ‘Little Pictures’, ‘It’s Love’ by The Pyjama Party, and ‘Yummy Yummy Yummy’ by Toy Love.

Have a listen to the playlist here, and god bless ya Cindy.

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