Playlist: Paul Dempsey

Something For Kate has released their first album in nearly a decade and the wait was definitely worth it.

The album is called The Modern Medieval and Double J reckons ‘every song is a damn winner!’ Which we totally agree with, but we would have used the word ‘fucking’ because we can get away with proper, grownup swears. To celebrate the album’s release, we asked broody, gravel-voiced, your-girlfriend-probably-fancies-him lead singer Paul Dempsey to give us 20 songs that inspired the album—PLUS a list of 5 things that got this record done. Take it away, Paul.

1. Bic Gel-Ocity Pens and Moleskine Extra Large Softcover Notebook With Grid Pages.

I realised several years ago that writing in a notebook was better for me than tapping away on a laptop, for a number of reasons. A notebook is more portable and less fragile, you don’t have to switch a notebook off for takeoff and landing, and there is something very satisfying about drawing a line through something or under something or scribbling a big circle around something for emphasis. You can even draw connecting lines between things or draw concept diagrams and perhaps most importantly, a notebook is not connected to the internet so the potential for distractions or rabbit holes is somewhat minimised.

And once the album is recorded and the project is done, you can take all of the notebooks you’ve filled and set them on fire which I also enjoy very much and would obviously not do to a laptop. Hitting ‘delete’ just isn’t as satisfying.

After years of different pens and different notebooks, I have settled on the Bic Gel-ocity as my pen of choice and the Moleskine Extra Large Softcover Notebook with Grid Pages as my notebook of choice. They work very nicely together and I don’t even care to speculate how this album would’ve turned out without them.

2. The Future?

I’ve written a lot of songs about the past. Songs that are informed by life experiences or memories of past events, or people or relationships. It makes sense to write about those things because you’ve actually lived them and been changed or affected or informed by those experiences. But in recent years I’ve started writing a lot more about things that haven’t happened yet (and indeed, may never happen). Human foibles and faux pas are always fun to write about but the possibilities for fun just increase exponentially when you imagine how fucking weird the future is going to be.

3. The Past!

In the past there were tribes and tribalism; people were grouped into factions, fiefdoms and feudal kingdoms. There were wealthy ruling classes who expected their lines to continue regardless of whether or not they were fit to rule, and below them were the serfs who toiled away all their lives without much hope of advancement or education or hope of influencing who their rulers might be or how they might be governed in a more equitable way. There were religious authorities who dictated what people could (or should) know about or think about or ask about, and most people lived in fear of doing the wrong thing by these authorities for fear of corporal or spiritual punishment. Most people believed what they were told to believe and acted accordingly and you can hardly blame them because how were they supposed to know any better? Critical thinking was not exactly taught or encouraged.

Aren’t you glad we don’t live there anymore?

4.Every Other Something For Kate Album

We are influenced by our own back catalogue in the sense that we don’t want to sound like any of it or go over any territory that we’ve already covered. We don’t always know what direction we’re going in but if we at least avoid the roads we’ve already been down then theoretically we should end up somewhere different. Most of the things that get thrown away in the rehearsal room are simply because one of us will point out that it’s reminiscent of some other thing we’ve done before and that is automatic grounds for dismissal without argument.

5. Pat Benatar

Because everybody could (and should) learn a thing or two from Pat Benatar.

Download or stream ‘The Modern Medieval’ HERE

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