Photos From Sydney’s Climate Action Protest

Photos by Maclay Heriot

Last Friday, the day of the climate action protest, temperatures skyrocketed in Sydney’s CBD.

Which was more than fitting, as 30,000 people gathered at Sydney Town Hall to demand action in the face of Australia’s bushfire crisis—a crisis that has claimed the lives of 26 people, 1.25 billion animals and destroyed more than 2000 homes.

Starting with impassioned speeches culminating with a march past Parliament House, the massive crowd brandished signs calling for the sacking of ScoMo, adequate funding for the firefighters and relief efforts, and an overhaul of our current government’s environmental policies (or lack thereof). Were the voices of 30,000 people loud enough to penetrate the walls of Kirribilli House? We hope so. And we hope Friday’s protests in Australia’s other capital cities and cities around the globe didn’t fall on deaf ears.

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