This Week’s Top Picks from the MC Photo Comp

We’re currently wading in the thick soup that is our annual MC Photo Comp, and we’re not planning on drying off anytime soon.

Think you’ve got a prize-winning entry sitting on a hard drive somewhere? You should enter. Think your photos aren’t prize-winning material? You should enter. Most of our past winners thought the latter, some even entered in the dying hours of the competition, and look at them now—$5,000 richer.

In the spirit of promoting a bit of healthy competition (but also just showing off how good the entries are), we’ve put together a bunch of our favourite shots from the Travel, Portrait, Lifestyle, Action, Music, and Student categories over the past week. Scroll on and enjoy the best of the week that was, below.

Robbie Russo backside ollie by Anthony Acosta. // @aacostaa – ACTION presented by New Era
Two of Tasmania’s finest. Dion in front of the lens, Nick Green behind it. // @nickgreenphoto – ACTION presented by New Era
Buy the ticket, take the ride. Susanna at the fair by Samual Robbie // @samrobbie – PORTRAIT presented by Huffer
Lost and found. Photo: Marcel Boer // @smilefootage – PORTRAIT presented by Huffer
Pura Vida. Photo: Ian Tyley // @iantyleyphoto – TRAVEL presented by Canon Australia
Leap of faith. Photo: Marc Llewellyn // @emvielle – TRAVEL presented by Canon Australia
Front row seats. Photo: Jacob Wallwork // @mr_johnny_drama – LIFESTYLE presented by Danner
Sink into me. Claudia Smith captured by Dion Agius // @dionagius – LIFESTYLE presented by Danner
Pist Idiots by James Adams // @thejamesadams – MUSIC presented by Hurley
Death Grips. Photo: Taylor Lacayo // @lacay.o – MUSIC presented by Hurley
Coordinate. Photo: Liam Beletich // @liambeletich – STUDENT presented by Wanaka
Against the glass. Photo: Max Zagorski // @maxzagorski – STUDENT presented by Wanaka

Now it’s time to throw your goddamn hat in the ring, enter the MC Photo Comp here.

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