Phantom Farms Makes Damn Good Weed

Photos by Andrew Peters

We gotta be straight—we’re not really experts in cannabis over here at Monster Children.

Hell, the substance is still far from legal in Australia. But that doesn’t stop us from having a ton of respect for the plant and its myriad medical benefits. Plus, we’d be total fuckin’ liars if we said we weren’t down for the occasional indulgence.

Our friends at Phantom Farms invited us to check out their natural grow ops in Oregon and see a proper harvest in action. We could bore you all day long with the technical mumbo jumbo and organic certifications we learned about… Actually, screw it: their farms are Clean Green certified, they won the Best CBD Flower award at DOPE Cup Oregon, they practice Korean Natural Farming (KNF) practices, they useCO2 Extraction Vape. See, that was fun, right?

If science isn’t your thing, you can just look through some of these photos to see that growing weed is an art form and these dudes are some of the best in the biz.

Learn more about Phantom Farms’ sustainable farming practices and browse quality goods, including flower and Vapes, at

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