Peter Webb: Time Tough Exhibition

Peter Webb is exhibiting Time Tough: A Retrospective in the new Fine Thanks Gallery in Torquay, an event that will definitely brighten your day.

Webby is the artist who painted most of the iconic artwork you wore on your Quiksilver gear throughout the surf industry’s golden age. But his personal, vibrant artwork has always reflected the satire and ofttimes dark brain of Webby himself. This has always been his gift as an artist. The exhibition spans works from as early as 1977, and experiencing this linear evolution of ideas is clearly a message to rise above, work through adversity and be a good human. The moral of the story being left entirely up to the viewer, which is you.

Funnily enough, this gallery sits in the atrium of the aforementioned Quiksilver offices- where Webby painted for many years. If those walls could talk they’d tell you plenty of great stories, but you’ll have to go and see them for yourself.

The official launch of the exhibition is June 24, thanks to all the Covid bullshit happening in Victoria right now. However, you can book a viewing by appointment through on the gram, or by emailing info@finethanks.yxz.

Fine Thanks: Wadawurrung Country. 27 Baines Crescent, Torquay, Vic. Aus. (Next to Sou’west Brewery).

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