People Being Rad #1

I’ve wanted to kick off People Being Rad for a while now.

Not as an antidote to the pain the world is currently experiencing, but just to make a point that actually, wow, ordinary people are fucking awesome. We all kinda know and acknowledge that but I think we spend so much time watching famous and successful people be famous and successful, we forget to keep an eye on the rest of us, the normal folks, the people who do great things every day and make life all the more wonderful. So I’d like to kick off my latest idea for a recurring column thing—People Being Rad. Who says ‘Rad’ anymore? Me, that’s who. I also say ‘Bitchin’ and ‘Fuggedaboutit’. Now watch this radical cat kick off a bitchin’ dance party on hill. Do you wish you were dancing on a hill? Hey—Fuggedaboutit.

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