Penny x Burger Records: A Collab That Doesn’t Suck

Film by Paul C. Barranco, photos by Matt Smith

We’ve seen our fair share of shitty collabs over the years.

Thankfully, this isn’t one of them. Penny partnered with Burger Records for a new board, which got me thinking… if every single penny I ever stumbled across were a burger, I’d be obese as all hell. You’re damn right I’d be stoked, but definitely fatter than some lard ass who’s dined exclusively on Guy Fieri dishes for 10+ years and counting. But holy shit I’d be happy, especially since I never know what to do with all those worthless coins wedged between my sofa cushions. I digress.

Founded in 2007 by Sean Bohrman and Lee Rickard, Burger Records have put out over 1,000 releases, created multiple music festivals, operate two independent record stores, and have helped bring the cassette tape back into fashion. In other words, any self-respecting fan of analogue culture and/or enthusiast of weirdo rock ‘n’ roll music should feel at least somewhat indebted to Burger Records for keeping the dream alive.
Featuring original art by underground cartoonist, M. Wartella, the ‘Burger Monster’ board is your best bet to get from your crappy, cat hair-infested couch to the record store in record time (see what I did there?).

Every board comes with a free Penny x Burger cassette tape as well. Hope you’ve saved your Walkman.

Head here for all things Penny or check out more from Burger Records on the Gram.

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