Penises, Vaginas and Pizza: What’s Porous Walker Been Up To?

You’re almost definitely one of the half-million people that follow Porous Walker on Instagram, but what do you really know about him?

You couldn’t be blamed for assuming Porous Walker is just a drunken filth-monger that found some pencils on the way home from the bar where he wet his pants, but he’s more that. Porous is a philosopher, a mastermind, and his work addresses subjects most dare not think about… let alone render… in Faber… Castell. Porous’ work concerns us all, in that it deals with the meaning of life, the existence of God, man’s place in the universe, cunnilingus, cock burgers, and putting things up your bum. I emailed Porous some questions and then edited his responses so it sounded like we did the interview in person. Enjoy.

Hello, Porous. It is good to be sitting in this room with you.


Your latest work features a lot of penises, vaginas and fast-food. Please discuss.

Don’t forget Buttholes. And boobs. And sometimes weed. I wish I one day will travel to exotic Australia! I’m dead serious. Please.

When you’re not in the studio, what are you doing?

I’m always in the studio. I like to do art everywhere. Or maybe I like to think I’m making art everywhere. It’s more like a playground everywhere.

Where did you grow up?

I was born in St. Louis Missouri. Moved to Panama City Beach Florida; moved back to St. Louis; moved to San Francisco California; moved to Sausalito California; moved to Vallejo California; moved to Napa California; moved to Saint Helena California, and still growing up.

Did you have any other career ideas before art took off?

I wanted to be a professional Australian one day. I thought I’d be a writer for pro-wrestling when I was a child. I thought I’d be a pasta factory worker when I was five years old. It changes all the time.

Worst ‘day job’ you ever had?

I live by the Mark Twain quote: ‘Work and Play are two words used to describe the same thing.’ Therefores, Ives never has a bad day job.

Most famous person you ever done met and where and how?

I touched Hulk Hogan’s breast after a match once when I was a little kid and immediately wiped the sweat on a napkin and kept it in a scrapbook. Is that famous? I’m not sure how to measure the level of fame? Who’s the most famous person you have met?

Frankie Munz. What do your folks do?

Mom is a schoolteacher for gifted children. Dad works at the zoo as an Educator.

What do your parents say about your work?

They say they love me no matter what.

Why does Casper have his cock in Dr. Phil’s head?

I don’t know, why?

Just asking.

What’s your favorite drawing you ever done did?

Years ago I drew thousands of individual pieces on a 40’ long scroll for a show in SF. Someone in Miami bought it and I shipped it away and I have very little photo evidence of it and it’s probably gone. Other than that I’d have to say my favorite drawing is the one that makes people laugh or the one they hate the most.

What time is it in LA and what are you doing and is it a nice day?

I think it’s Todd Francis Time in LA. I love LA. I wish I lived there, and Australia.

Oh, that’s right, you’re not in LA. I love Todd Francis.

He’s a beautiful man.

Last question: How’s your sex life?

I broke my penis a few years back, I’m lucky and had it fixed. It’s a good story but I don’t think you have time here. Let’s just say I have a 17-year-old daughter and I’m actually expecting my second baby any day now. I’d say I’ve had sex at least twice in my life. So my sex life is twice.

Thank you for your time, Porous Walker.

You are welcome. It has been a pleasure sitting in this room with you in real life.

If you’ve enjoyed this interview and gallery, and would like to know more about the artist Porous Walker, why not visit his website at There you’ll find even more inspired artworks, not to mention an array of merchandise with cocks and vaginas all over it. 

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