Penfolds are Making… Sick Record Players?

Gotta hand it to Aussie winery Penfolds—this is a nice touch.

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of one of their signature Grange wines, they’ve commissioned seven handcrafted record players that’ll make the turntable you bought off Gumtree look like utter shite. Each record player took the craftsmen at SYMBOL Audio around 100 hours to make, and you can see why from the photos.

And sure, it’s got branding splashed across the all-in-one console, but look at how gorgeous this thing is: 1950s design, automatic interior lighting, hidden console for your vinyl, bottles of wine, decanter, glasses, bottle opener… and what about the sound? Well, by the looks of the valve amp (which drew the admiration of our editor-in-chief, Crombie), it’s an audiophile’s dream. Those little valves cost a pretty penny, and they sound like it too. Warm and delicious, just like those wine bottles stashed in the drawer.

There’s only seven of these record players floating around, and you can register your interest in one here… god knows the asking price. 

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