Patti Smith Streams Live Black Friday Performance

On November 27th at Noon PST, 3 pm EST, Patti Smith is gonna do some songs for the world.

Don’t believe what Wayne Kramer said in Please Kill Me, Patti Rules. She’s sweet. My friend Penny scored a gig escorting her around Melbourne on a tour in, like, 2012, and she (Penny) said Patti was really nice. I saw her coming out of her house one time and said right out loud, ‘Holy shit! That’s Patti Smith!’ Not to make this all about me (but, fuck it, I’m the editor), I also one time saw Debbie Harry. She called me an asshole because I didn’t recognize her and said, ‘Hey lady, can you let me get at the bar?’ God, that really happened. Blondie called me an asshole. She kinda laughed when she said it, though, and to be fair, she was blocking the bar by standing there while everyone around her was trying to get a drink. After she walked away, some excitable dude said, ‘THAT WAS DEBBIE HARRY!’ I felt semi-terrible. Another time, in maybe 2003, Nick Barker (of Nick Barker & The Reptiles) asked me if I was one of The Strokes because I had longish hair, tight jeans and a cool studded belt. It wasn’t a legitimate question—he was taking the piss; so I answered him with a question of my own: ‘Wait, didn’t you used to be Nick Barker?’ I braced myself for a punch in the mouth, but instead, he bought me a beer. Go figure. I also one time took David Bowie’s breakfast order. What a life.

You can catch Patti’s Black Friday show at Veeps. You can also catch her cover of Dylan’s ‘A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall’ at the 2016 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony below. I recommend you do.


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