Patrick O’Dell Profiles Cher Strauberry in New Vans Video

If you’re yet to come across the insanely talented Cher Strauberry, consider this your introduction.

The skateboarder, musician and artist has played a huge role in growing the queer skate community along with a tight-knit crew of friends, and now gets a deserved profile from Patrick O’Dell in this new edit from Vans. With appearances from Elissa Steamer and Corey Duffel, the film delves into Cher’s role within Oakland-based Unity Skateboarding, as well as helping found the queer skateboard brand, Glue Skateboards. ‘Cher Strawberry, she’s everything I dreamed of being when I was young,’ Corey Duffel says in the film. ‘She wears what she wants, she’s ripping.’

Skateboarding legend Elissa Steamer also drops by to explain the significance of what Cher is doing for people who don’t quite fit the status quo, saying, ‘It’s like, essential for people to see something different than the things they see, in case they identify with something different, that they know that’s it okay, and there’s space for them.’

Inspiring, multi-talented, and just plain rips on a skateboard—see for yourself by hitting play on Cher’s film above.

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