Patagonia Worn Wear Launch Sydney

There are a million easy ways to minimise your impact on the environment, and one of the most easy ways to do so is to wear what you’ve already got. Now we aren’t suggesting you don’t go changing your undies, ever, but simple things like re-patching that favourite old pair of ripped jeans still sitting in the the bottom of the cupboard can make all the difference. That’s what Patagonia’s Worn Wear campaign is all about, loving the stuff you already own and giving it fresh life. It’s a salute of quality.

Last night we teamed up with the good crew at Patagonia to celebrate what we already own, and launch Worn Wear in at the Patagonia flagship store, Sydney. And what good is a launch party without a shit tonne of tequila, beer and sliders? Luckily the guys at Tequila Corralejo  and the The Hill Eatery had us covered in that department, providing enough booze and burgers to sedate a grizzly bear.

The store was chock-a-block in no time, with appearances from Patagonia ambassadors Sean Doherty and Dan Ross, as well as noble filmmaker Jack McCoy and the Lords of Portland, Portugal. The Man.

The Worn Wear Hub saw the skilled menders sewing up a storm, tackling (almost) anything that was thrown at them and breathing new life into old garments. Unfortunately for our graphic designer Jason, the edible undies he brought in were beyond repair.

Those who like free stuff, queued up in front of the live screen printing station, chose one of the featured collaborative artworks and watched as the lovely ladies working the station hot pressed the hell out of a blank tee.

Write the end of the story here Dale: Fin. 

Photos: About LST Night



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