Pass~Port’s Trent Evans on His Favourite Nomad Radio Shows

If you’re looking for some of the best underground talent that Sydney’s got on offer, let us steer you in the direction of Nomad Radio.

Nomad Radio is a not for profit, community-run radio station that gives airtime to the DJs and hosts you actually want to listen to. Whatever sonic journey you’re after on any given day, Nomad’s diverse mix of resident DJs are ready to be your guide through new and unchartered musical waters; from jazz to deep house, ambient electronic, psychedelic soul, and even in-depth interviews with cultural tastemakers. It’s rad and it’s exactly what you need to get you through this lockdown, and beyond.

One such resident DJ is Pass~Port’s Trent Evans, whose Enter the Portal mixes we’ve been blabbing about for a while now. His shows are a potent blend of soul, electronica and Australiana—is there any better trio?—and you should check them out here. Who else should you discover out on Nomad’s extensive and impressive roster of DJs? We went straight to the source and asked Trent for his top picks from Nomad Radio. Check ’em out below.


‘I guess I am going to be a little biased as she’s a mate… But CASEY is an incredibly talented selector/DJ/ Party~Beast! Always nailing a classy mix of funk, soul and smothering smoothy tunes. We played together once and I felt some great synergy between the tracks we were both playing, sharing our rare little gems with each other. I still play George Benson’s ‘Summer Breeze’ regularly, she introduced me to that hot one!’

Listen here. 

Come Sundown 

‘Marcus is behind Come Soundown, but then he has even more people behind him with incredible music taste and feels. The brand has literally come ‘full circle’ and has started to release local artists under Come Sundown… genius. Always a very eclectic bunch of tunes on this show, lovely stuff.’

Listen here. 


‘Mango is simply at a higher state than others when it comes to music. That is, not only his incredible collection of music, but his own personal music creations. Highly recommend listening to his own stuff as well as all the incredible genre~bending stuff he plays on his show. He is just an all-around genuine and modest individual when it comes to anything music-related.’

Listen here.

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