Pass~Port Release ‘BIN~ENDS’ From KITSCH

It’s been just over a year since PASS~PORT’S premiered their first full-length video, KITSCH, at the none too shabby Sydney Opera House.

So, they’ve decided to release an edit featuring the ‘bin ends’ from the film—all the stuff that coulda, shoulda, woulda made it into the final film, if it didn’t get the chop in the final stages of editing. It’s good stuff, and even better, it’s available to view right now in that little square above. Thanks Pass~Port for providing another reason to put off starting the working day with this tidy 15-minute edit.

Edited by Geoff Campbell, featuring Matlok Bennett-Jones, Glenn Wignall, Bernie Foo, Josh Pall, Jack O’Grady, Dean Palmer, Callum Paul, Geoff Campbell, Jason Rainbird, Michael Mieruszynski, Kevin Shealy, Trent Evans, Cameron Sparkes and George Kousoulis.

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