Passion For The Possible

Our old mate, Cody DeFranco, has been churning out some shirts, and we thought you should know about it because you’re into that kind of thing.

Many of you may remember Cody as the Brooklyn-based artist who ‘reviewed’ our Ten Years of Monster Children book back in 2013. That was fun. Jesus. Has it been that long? Anyway, he’s been making some really cool shirts and you can buy them on the internet. I dunno if he’s shipping internationally? Probably not. Dick. You can score some of Cody’s shit HERE.

Here’s a new one he did. It’s called ‘Passion For The People’. It’s pretty cool I guess. He does super-limited runs, so I’d get in on it pretty quick… Unless you want to look like an asshole forever in the shirt you’re currently wearing. I’m only kidding. That shirt is sick.

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