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Party With Us and Flight Facilities DJs at an Abandoned Cinema

An abandoned cinema in Sydney’s Chinatown has been brought back from the dead so that you can party your little arse off for six weeks straight.

Nightlife legend Kat Dopper was given the keys to the iconic Harbour City Cinema (where doors have been boarded up for over 15 years) to bring fun back to Sydney with 35 events… all of which we’re going to tell you about, after we promo the shit out of our party first.

That’s right, the creators behind the aptly titled Pleasures Playhouse were good enough to give Monster Children our own night to do whatever the hell we wanted—except a foam party, that one was vetoed due to Covid protocols and more importantly due to the fact we’re not 18 anymore—and that’s exactly what we’ve done.

We’ve called up our good mates Jimmy 2 Sox and U-Go-B, who most of you will know as Flight Facilities, to bring their weirdest, wildest DJ set to our rave… and it’s all for FREE. Just register here and make sure you’re first in, best dressed come Thursday, October 13 from 7 pm.

If you think our rave with Flight Facilities DJs sounds like the party of your dreams, you’d be right—but it doesn’t stop there. There’s 34 more other parties and events to enjoy at Pleasures Playhouse, and they’re not all going to leave you with ringing eardrums the next day.

The six-week festival will see a different show each night, with curated nights from BBGB Worldwide, No Zu, Nai Palm, Alex Lahey, Broods, Haiku Hands, Carolina Gasolina, Donny Benet, Diola, and Bare Necessities.

There will be underground sex and body positivity parties and community events including Leak Your Own, Show Us Ya Tips, BYPASS, Heaps Gay, Athletica, Fur Ball, Queer Power Point and NLV Presents PLACE, plus a personal favourite, Sends Noods cinema where you’ll be able to watch movies and enjoy natural wines from P&V and noodles from the mouthwatering Biang Biang, along with other favourite Chinatown joints. So whether pole dancing, dumplings, movies, live music, or melting your face off at our rave is your thing, you’ll definitely find something to tickle your fancy at Pleasures Playhouse.

Register for the Monster Children x Pleasures Playhouse Party Feat. Flight Facilities DJs and Special Guests Here.

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