Parquet Courts Release ‘Homo Sapien’

That new Parquet Courts album, Sympathy for Life, is looking (sounding) really good.

The release date is set for this Friday, but that hasn’t stopped the band leaking one more song: ‘Homo Sapien’. It’s a pretty punk tune for an album rumoured to be electronic and dancey, but who’s complaining? In the video, bass player Sean Yeaton is dressed like an extra from Black Adder III, but who’s complaining? If you’re keen you can get an early preview of Sympathy for Life on Parquet Courts livestream special, ‘Feel Free: Sympathy for Life, Visualized’, which goes live today and will be available for 48 hours. Every song on the album has its own video (who’s complaining?), and there are few cameos, which is always fun.

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