Pager Zine Volume Two


Pager Magazine appeared on the scene last spring, a nesting-pages mag with large colour pages and a phenomenal roster of photographers.

Featured Pager photos receive a special treatment in this format – each image is revealed one-half at a time, interacting with the adjacent image, but saving the big reveal for when a print (twelve by eighteen inches) is pulled from the stack. Pager Issue 002 is up for grabs, so we called up creator Jason Lee (nope, different Jason Lee) to find out a little more.

Hey! I don’t think I’ve interviewed anyone about Issue 001 and 002 of anything. So, what felt different about laying out a sequel?

I’d say the biggest challenge is discovering what keeps the reader’s interest going but still holds consistency for a publication like this. There’s not much to the magazine except for the images, so I have to make sure it’ll stay exciting the next time around. For example, old photos versus recently shot material. Venice Beach before and after, as seen in Issue 002. That was a happy accident, but I dig it because it’s a little ‘insider-ish.’ If you knew how it looked in the 90s, and how it’s become an actual skate park now, is interesting to me.


So when you’re pulling from a few different decades, how do you collect what you’d like to include in a new issue?

I noticed that a lot of friends were posting old scans to try and revive some of our favourite photos, which rules, but these scans are ultimately still left in digital format. Saving old photos was how it started, but now they take on printed form rather than saving them to a folder to check out every once in a while. Those folders are what made me want to create Pager though. I’m constantly looking at and saving stuff. I grew up in the time when you ripped pages out of skate mags and postered your bedroom wall, so I wanted Pager to have that same feeling with photos from those formative years and what’s currently happening in skateboarding now.


Do you have a favourite story behind one of the images from Pager 002?

Not really, which is why there are no included captions. Getting stories is difficult because I generally ask each photographer to send me a batch to select from, so eventually there’s a lot of stories to take in. In the end, all that I ask is the who, where, and when on the table of contents to keep it simple. But if I had to pick, I’m a really big fan of the cover image of Na-Kel Smith and Tyshawn Jones in the convertible because of the colours and the limited amount of light.


So, what happens when somebody pulls out a print to frame and messes up the whole order? Do you get a kick out of imagining someone trying to put it properly back together?

In the end, the images are meant to be seen alone although there is some intended order. As long as people experience that order the first time they open an issue, the rest is up to you.


Pager Issue 002 is available on the website, a numbered edition of 250. Featured photographers for this issue include Kevin Banks, Ben Colen, Ben Gore, Sam Muller, Tosh Rice, Sam Smyth, and Nich Thomas. Print is dead, long live print.


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