Pager Magazine Issue 001

We’ve all ripped our favorite pages from our favorite subscriptions and tacked them to the wall, scarred with staple holes and rough edges. Pager Magazine makes it a little easier and more sophisticated to love mag matter. Its large nesting pages can be pulled out and unfolded to reveal a bonafide 12 x 18 inch print. It’s about skateboarding, but it’s equally about the pictures themselves and how we interact with them.

Pager issue 001, which leads us to believe that there will be at least 99 more issues, has nothing to do with tiny beeping telecommunications devices. Founder Jason Lee (yeah, different guy) writes, “The magazine is to represent a broader look of skating culture, past and present. It’s giving some insight towards the nuances of what this world is about. I think a lot of skate photographers have photos that people don’t get to see much, or are printed in articles as part of the ‘incidentals’. Some of those moments to me are more important.”
Pager includes many friends and favorites in a stellar first lineup. Photographers Ryan Allan, Cole Barash, Jack Belli, Amber Chavez, Ben Gore, Jason Lee, Jonathan Mehring, Sam Muller, Eric Palozzolo, Steve Sherman, and Colin Sussingham bring us around the world to legendary spots in San Francisco, New York, New Mexico, Los Angeles, London, Taiwan, and more.  Visit the site to score your copy, there’s a numbered edition of 250.

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