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The Difference Between Males and Females

Photos by Tim Swallow Males and females are very different beings. We learnt this recently, when Tim Swallow’s photos of the lovely Ella Bales arrived in our inbox. As it just so happened, as the email came through there were three of us sat round the same computer. You know, working together to achieve a common goal, as is the case here at Monster Children. So naturally, we perused the photos as a tripod. The crucial thing to note here is that...
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An Australian Summer, with Rachel Cook

...each, here’s one of Sydney’s two rooftops bars etc. We didn’t get a chance to do that, however, as we weren’t asked. You know who was asked to hang out with Rachel before the Sydney summer turned to mud? Tim Swallow, that’s who. He managed to catch her on a sunny day as well, and took her for a tour of the NSW coast. Good for Tim. Sorry we couldn’t make it. Photographer: @tim_swallow_photo Model: @rachelc00k Agency: @imgmodels...
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A Photographic Essay Featuring Chloe Coles

Photos by Tim Swallow Household chores with Chloe Coles sure look more appealing than most. It’s with great pleasure that we bring you the latest instalment from photographer Tim Swallow. Just the inspiration you need to get the first load of the new year done this weekend. Enjoy.  ...
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A Frolic on the Shore, with Zoe Barnard

Photos by Tim Swallow Beautiful women shot well will never go out of fashion. But it’s easy right? You just pick a model from Instagram, dust off your Leica, head down the beach and fire off a few frames, right? Wrong. Images of this quality take more than a half-decent eye and favourable light. You’ve got to be learned in the photographic arts to yield such beautiful results as this, and photographer Tim Swallow is one such gent who...
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Pyjamas aren’t worth your time or money

Photos by Tim Swallow What’s the point in going outside when it’s cold, and Zoe Cross is inside? Enjoy Tim Swallow’s fresh installment of why pyjamas are useless. They’re dorky, they cost money and Mum says you can’t stand too close to the heater cause they might go up in flames. You know what else is fiery? Zoe Cross. Fuck being that chipper person in a puffy vest going for a brisk walk with a coffee and orthopaedi...
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