PACKED: Jake Burton Carpenter

The legacy of Jake Burton Carpenter lives on.

Photos courtesy Burton / Mine77

Jake Burton Carpenter is snowboarding. The innovative pioneer chased the feeling of surfing on snow right up until losing his battle with cancer this past November at the age of 65. Always one to voice his opinions and live the life he wanted, Jake has arguably contributed more to the sport and culture of snowboarding than any other human on the planet—maybe even more than mother nature herself. Jake was an avid traveller, product designer, and perfectionist who hit the slopes every chance he got. He refused to settle for mediocrity and had a hands-on approach to every product bearing his name.

Right before his passing, Jake was working tirelessly on a new line—done his way—called Mine77. This is the gear he would bring on every trip, items he felt passionate about and wanted produced his way. RIP to a true legend.

JAKE BURTON PACKS: 1.Mine77 x Steamline® Trunk, 2. Mine77 DWR & Cashmere Beanie, 3. Burton matches, 4. Sharpie & scissors, 5. Burton kraft note-cards, 6. Casamigos Mescal & OJ, 7. Advil, 8. Leica Polaroid camera & film, 9. Mine77 Julbo Cham Glacier Glasses, 10. Listerine, 11. Underberg, 12. Visine, 13. Bose Bluetooth speaker & Tile, 14. Chapstick, 15. 5-Hour Energy, 16. Bic lighter w/ Pin Up girl, 17. Mine77 Laundry Bag, 18. Mine77 Compression Split Toe Socks, 19. Mine77 Ash Tray, 20. Yoga Toes


Anyone who travels a lot knows the importance of good luggage. Have your zipper break when you’re boarding a flight halfway across the world sucks. As Jake says, ‘Our travel bags are dialled and have been for decades. So, it was a bit of a surprise for the crew when I came to them with this SteamLine® Luggage Travel Trunk, equipped with four spinner wheels. I discovered this trunk way back at the beginning of Mine77 while travelling through Europe and was immediately hooked. Of course, I had to customize every detail. I increased the size, upgraded to skate wheels, and swapped the buckles for binding ratchets. I also developed a mountain scene print for the interior that brings it all together. In the past few months alone, I have travelled to four continents and more countries than I can count, and this trunk has been my home on wheels.’


Jake was always prepared for a good (or bad) time, and Casamigos Mezcal was Jake’s drink of choice. Usually right in the OJ bottle to be incognito. He rarely took Advil, but always had it no matter where he went.


Simply put, Jake wouldn’t go anywhere without his speaker. Even in the shower. He loved to bring his close friends into the shower (clothed, of course) and show off his technique of putting a towel over it so it didn’t get wet while he was blasting hip hop during his showers. After misplacing the speaker multiple times, Jake installed a custom mold on the speaker so he could attach a Tile. This later turned into a gift he would give team riders at the annual round table meetings.

The Mine77 collection is available here.


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