PACKED: Andrew Peters

Photos by Andrew Peters

All the essentials for a backyard mini ramp sesh.

Andrew Peters is a ripping photographer, but he’s also a ripping skater. So what does he pack when he gets the homies together for a backyard mini ramp sesh? Beer, weed, music, and a few extra items for good measure. Basically, everything needed for a damn great time.

1. Push broom; 2. Foam Roller; 3. Genuine No9 pre-rolls; 4. Canon point and shoot that got left at my house; 5. Krooked board with Ventures and Spitfires; 6. Autumn beanie; 7. 10 Barrel Pub Beer; 8. Incase portable charger; 9. Tri X 35mm film; 10. Nikon F100; 11. Fast as fuck Oakleys; 12. Igloo cooler; 13. Fender bluetooth speaker; 14. Beat up flashpoint strobes.


“First things first. It ain’t a mini ramp session without at least a 12 pack of beers. Pub Beer one upped that with 18 packs.”

I get by with a little help from my friends… Andrew Peters assists Josh Landau.


“If the most thrilling and dangerous thing you’re doing is skating a 3 foot mini ramp, you’re probably over 30, like me. That’s getting old, and getting old means pain. Gonna need a good 15 minutes rolling out my hips and IT bands before I can drop in. And then the liquid warm up can take it from there.”


“Slayer. Metallica. 2Pac. Biggie. Pick your poison but do not have your mates over to skate the mini unless you have music blaring. These Fender speakers go loud, real loud.”


“’Be a lot cooler if you did…’ I’m forever trying to keep Dazed and Confused Matthew McConaughey-level happy. Genuine 9’s make that easy. And what better way to end a mini ramp session and unwind.”

Get your liquid warm up goin’ with Pub Beer here.

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