Our Planet-Loving Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is getting tricker and tricker to manage every year.

On one hand, I want to buy thousands of dollars worth of gifts for my friends and family because I love them very much. On the other hand, I realise that all this stuff isn’t too flash for our poor planet. Mum and dad might have been onto something when they said something handmade was enough after all. If you still want to spoil your loved ones with a present, here’s our pick of some sustainable gifts we’d love to see under our own tree.

The Fifth Lane Ring Workshop

Instead of giving stuff, why not give an experience? Hand-make your very own jewellery with this two-hour workshop teaching the basics of silversmithing. Choose between making a fine stacking ring, chunky ring or silver bangle with all materials and tools provided (alongside some wine, beer, nibbles and a real friendly mentor). Workshops are popping up all around Australia, so be sure to check out their site to see where one might be near you.

Self-Watering Pots

This pot is for anyone who forgets to water their plants for weeks on end, then proceeds to drown the plant in an effort to save it and subsequently kills said plant. With this slick-looking thing, all you have to do is fill the reservoir with enough water and the plants will look after themselves. Designed by none other than New York’s Museum of Modern Art, so you know it’s good.

Needessentials Wetsuit

If you love the earth, chances are you probably love the ocean. Allow yourself year-round enjoyment of the big blue no matter the water temp, with a Yulex natural rubber wetsuit from needessentials. Made with 45 used plastic bottles, an internal key stash, sealed cuffs, and no toxic materials. Be one with the seal.

Ace Hotel Blankets

Sleep in a hotel every night with the Ace Hotel’s Blanket. Using Stansborough’s unique grey sheep, these blankets are created using the finest quality wool that will endure for a lifetime of comfort. Two different styles, named after two iconic Australians: First Nations artist, Albert Namatjira, and our first-ever qualified female architect, Florence Mary Taylor.

Pelli Cooler Bags

Let’s be honest: we don’t really need another bag but if we were to hypothetically get one, this would be the best bet. The outer is made from 100% natural waxed canvas (which is compostable), while the inner is made from recyclable aluminium and PE. Perfect for keeping all your beers cold for those big beach days coming up.


Give the gift of a holiday and time spent together in nature, with a stay at one of Australia’s off-grid holiday spots, Unyoked. Whether you have a creative mate who needs the final push to finish off their project or a busy couple who would love to be offline for a couple of days, a little time in the country is always going to be a feel-good present. There are locations all around Australia and New Zealand, as close or far away from the major cities as need be.

BioCir Slides

Belena has developed the world’s first flexible and fully compostable plastic material and what better use to make of it than a pair of slides? Made in Italy and designed to be 100% circular, so you can feel snazzy in a new pair of shoes without hurting the planet.

Urban Plant Growers

There aren’t many things in life as satisfying as growing your own food but if you live in a rental apartment or a spot with no sun, you might be missing out. Give the gift of wholesome growing satisfaction with an indoor hydroponic growing kit, with a choice between basil, cos lettuce, dill or coriander. These kits grow a supermarket serving of lettuce every two and a half weeks!

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