Our Face-Melting Rave With Flight Facilities at an Abandoned Cinema

Photos by Gabrielle Clement

It might be a sad old rainy Monday, but mentally, spiritually, we’re still back at Pleasures Playhouse watching Flight Facilities destroy the joint.

ICYMI: Nightlife legend Kat Dopper and a talented crew were given the keys to an abandoned cinema in Sydney’s Chinatown in the quest to bring some fun back to Sydney—and bring it back they did with 35 events in as many days, including our face melter of a rave last Thursday evening.

Warming the evening up nicely were all killer, no filler sets from Reenie and CLUTCH4LOVE, before Flight Facilities hit the stage. Accompanied by a light show to transport you into a whole other dimension—if you weren’t there already—Jimmy and Hugo made sure to remind us of why they’re hands down one of our favourite acts to see live.

As you can see by the photos from Gabrielle Clement, everyone who managed to get a highly sought-after spot on the door was rewarded with one hell of a night. Check out all the madness below, and a huge thanks to Pleasures Playhouse for putting the life back into Sydney nightlife, Flight Facilities, Reenie and CLUTCH4LOVE for providing the fun, and Monster Children for thinking it’d be a good idea to throw a party on a school night and have to back it up for a full working day come the morning. Idiots.

Check out pleasuresplayhouse.com.au for the rest of their program lineup.  



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