Open: The Museum of Underwater Sculpture

British artist Jason deCaires Taylor has opened The Museum of Underwater Sculpture Ayia Napa, a submerged sculpture park in Cyprus

MUSAN is the first underwater gallery in the Mediterranean and is located 200 meters off Ayia Napa’s Pernera Beach on the southeast coast of Cyprus. The show features 93 artworks exploring ‘the relationship between man and nature,’ while simultaneously providing homes for underwater creatures—eco-art they call it (no, yarn-bombing isn’t eco-art).

Taylor’s installation sits around 8 to 10 meters beneath the surface of the sea, so you’ll need a snorkel, scuba set-up or a terrific set of lungs to check it out. The viewer (snorkeler) passes through a dense terrestrial forest populated by human figures that tell the story of man’s impact on his environment. Taylor hopes the work will raise awareness for the rapid depletion of marine life in the Mediterranean, and the show is open now until forever, pretty much.

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