Oolong Gallery Inaugural Exhibition

There’s a new gallery in Solana Beach, and they’re opening their first group show in a couple of weeks. We think you should go.

Here’s why: Alika Cooper, Bas Louter, Carlos Valencia, Carrie Marill, Fay Ray, Griselda Rosas, Jason David, Kinga Kielczynska, Masamitsu Shigeta, Matthew C. Green, Michael Decker, Robbie Simon, Sara Carter, and Tim Ernst.

Carlos Valencia ‘Untitled’ 2022 graphite on paper 48 x 36 in

Carlos Valencia’s work you’d know from one of the many interviews I’ve done with him since, like, 2008 (Wooooo Magazine, The Journal, Monster Children). That’s why I’m writing about this new gallery and show: Carlos Valencia. The other artists are rad, but it’s all about Carlos for me—Carlos and probably free alcohol. And also the location: Solana Beach. Gorgeous place to view Carlos’ work while enjoying free drinks.

Griselda Rosas ‘Breastfeeding Cyanotype series’ 2021 embroidery over paper, cyanotype

Griselda Rosas is also very good. And Fay Ray. Actually, they’re all terrific artists and the show will be amazing. It’s called Global Entry and it opens on June 4 (6–8 pm) at Oolong Gallery, 349 N Hway Solana Beach 92075. You should go. What were you doing that night anyway? Cleaning your oven? Watching Ozark? Seeing if it’s possible to achieve orgasm while eating with chopsticks? Go to the show. This post is disastrous, but it was my birthday over the weekend and my brain hurts. Good bye.


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