On the Road with Body Type

If you’re unfamiliar with Sydney band Body Type, allow me to do the honours.

Consisting of Sophie McComish, Annabel Blackman, Georgia Wilkinson-Derums, and Cecil Coleman, the quartet have been playing shows and amassing fans around Australia for the last few years. Last October, they blessed our collective speakers with their debut self-titled EP, and now they’re mere weeks away from releasing another; the aptly titled EP2. The scuzz enthusiasts have just returned from a frenzied jaunt around the US which culminated in a SXSW debut, and bassist and vocalist Georgia is here to give us her hot take alongside some exclusive photos from the tour.

Hanging outside Gauntlett Cheng’s studio before we borrowed some of their incredible clothes for the USA Body Type display.

You just toured the US. What were the three biggest lessons you learned about the land of the free from your travels?

Yes, Body Type have just returned from the US of A and I can share a few lessons for sure. One: never shy away from a karaoke session at Kokopelli in Joshua Tree. It could’ve been the highlight of the trip thanks to Cecil and the locals. Two: try not to forget that Americans drive on the right side of the road. Three: Suitcases can and will hold whatever they are required to but yes, Texas, Bigger is Better.

With some of the nice lads from Fontaines, post-photo booth Tetris struggle

You played SXSW, too. Did it live up to the hype?

SXSW was insane and I’m ready to go and live in Austin. We saw some incredible bands: KOKOKO! Fontaines D.C., and Pottery were a few of my highlights. I was really excited to watch CHAI, but we didn’t seem to be able to get into any of the shows so I’m hoping we will catch them in Europe.

I went through who you follow on Instagram and I couldn’t find a single guilty pleasure. Do you have any?

Frankie Cosmos (@frankiecombos) is a guilt-free pleasure shared by all four of us.

A three-headed BT monster

What is the last thing you Googled and why?

‘Who is King Princess’ girlfriend?’

Your aptly titled second EP, EP2, is out May 3. What do we need to know?

We’ve been working on EP2 for a while now and we are a little nervous and a lot excited to share it with everyone. You’ll hear love songs that won’t let you sleep, feral rallying cries about Uma Thurman, and harmonies about your neighbours’ TV habits. BT are back with feeling. You can even get a vinyl edition in slime green!

EP2 is out May 3 via Partisan Records.

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