Okkervil River – Black Sheep Boy 10th Anniversary

I guess this isn’t really a ‘new release’, because it’s actually ten years old. BUT, this special 10 year anniversary edition is new, and I want to take this opportunity to introduce this pivotal album to anyone who may have missed it the first time round.

I was lucky enough to hear Black Sheep Boy when it first came out ten years ago. It was a defining album for me, and I took it everywhere I went. Not just in the literal sense of my iPod, but in my head and my heart, too. It shaped my understanding of emotional music, and of the heights that could be achieved by expressing your despair through music. Also, it is home to one of the best songs ever penned, ‘A Stone.’ In it you will hear the words, “And I think that I know the bitter dismay of a lover who brought fresh bouquets every day, when she turned him away, to remember some knave who once gave just one rose, one day, years ago.” And then you will die, because your ear will have become too beautiful for this world. RIP.

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