Oh, Good: North Korea Tests Long-Range Cruise Missile

Because everything’s a bit fucked anyway, North Korea just tried out a new cruise missile that could reach Japan.

Over the weekend, the North Korean military staged launches that saw missiles travelling as far as 1,500km off their coastline and into the ocean (blowing up several thousand fish). The tests didn’t breach nuclear weapons agreements made with the UN, so who cares? But you have to ask yourself this: who in their right mind would waste economic resources right now to develop and test weapons that will only serve to make the rest of the world even more nervous about the future? According to the Korean Central News Agency, the recent testing was necessary because the ‘strategic significance of possessing another effective deterrence means for more reliably guaranteeing the security of our state and strongly containing the military manoeuvres of the hostile forces.’

A statement from the US military condemned North Korea for the ‘continuing focus on developing its military programme and the threats that it poses to its neighbours and the international community.’

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