Off the Couch, We’re Going to Surf Club Sundays

Sundays are the day of rest no longer.

We’ll give you until around 3.30 pm to have a coffee, a nap, some couch time, and then it’s off to Redfern Surf Club for their brand new live music series, Surf Club Sundays. Kicking off on May 16 and running for five straight weeks, the FREE series features some of our favourite up and coming Sydney bands, and is a way better option than being in foetal position in front of the TV facing the existential dread of Mondays.

MC x Levi’s party at Redfern Surf Club, pre-COVID.

If you’ve yet to grace the halls of Redfern Surf Club, we’ll happily vouch for it—located on a prime corner of Redfern (and far enough away from inner-city boomers that live gigs can proceed sans noise complaints), it’s everything you need in a bar: good drinks, great music, and a huge outside courtyard to make the most of weather before winter hits. But enough about the bones of the place—let’s get to the bands:


Sunday 23 May
Tasman Keith – Ms Thandi – MI-KAISHA

Sunday 30 May
Mini Skirt + Research Reactor Corp + Satanic Togas + Gully Days 

Sunday 6 June
Vlossom + Kult Kyss +Kyva 

Sunday 13 June
Palms + Royel Otis + Ruben Neeson + Tild  + The Blamers + Djs 

Sunday 20 June 
MAY-A + Loyal Knight + D’arcy Spiller 

Did we mention they’ve got a happy hour running 4-6 pm on Sundays? Better not be lagging. To register for your free tickets to any of the above events, head to Eventbrite.

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