Obama Presidential Library UFO Treasure Trove

Yeah, yeah, fricken yeah. This song is getting really old.

According to UFO researcher John Greenewald Jr., the Obama Presidential Library has an absolute ass-load of UFO stuff available to the public. Unfortunately, it’ll take a really, really long time to dig it out. Oh, it’s there, but you know how that dewy decimal system can be… Speaking of the dewy decimal system, when I was learning that in school, we had to make up a book title and author and file the catalog card correctly in the system. This led to many hilarious book titles by the boys, including Greg Fucks Dogs by Simon Hansen, which made me wet myself laughing and I had to wear sweatpants from the school’s lost property.

Any road, Greenewald filed a request with the OPL for ‘records, communications, photos, and videos’ garnered over the years from government UFO programs. On March 10 the library hit him back and said, ‘Sure!’ And then went on to explain that the 3,440 pages and 26,271 (approx) of electronic files responsive to his request would take 16 years to gather. Some ‘jackpot.’

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