Nostradamus Was A Pot-Head?

Michel de Nostredame (1503 – 1566)—aka Nostradamus—was an astrologer, physician and the world’s most famous soothsayer—but did he smoke weed? New research is pointing to a big red-eyed, dry-mouthed yes.

According to a team of historians and cryptographers at France’s esteemed Lycée Louis-le-Grand, Nostradamus did smoke pot and, believe it or not, was fond of the old eau de pipe (bong). Medieval Historian Alain Poincaré and his team have turned up evidence that suggests that many of Nostradamus’ predictions were made while under the influence of huge amounts of cannabis. ‘There were oversights during the translation of Nostradamus’ Les Prophéties (1555),’ said Poincaré, ‘and many key statements seem to have disappeared from the text along the way—possibly because they expose Nostradamus’ use of cannabis.’

Dr. Alain Poincaré, Medieval Historian at Lycée Louis-le-Grand

Working from Nostradamus’ original text, Poincaré and his team were able to glean 187 instances in the 942 quatrains of Les Prophéties that hint at an author with a predilection for the green. ‘The references mainly appear scrawled in the margins,’ says Poincaré, ‘but there are some quatrains that literally begin with “While smoking marijuana today, it occurred to me that…” and then he writes something that may or may not refer to the rise of Nazism, 9/11 or whatever.’

The marginalia includes notes regarding Nostradamus’ prodigious cannabis intake, a scattering of ideas for snacks, some sketches of big-breasted women wielding swords and fighting dragons, and a bong spill. According to Poincaré, the first English translator of the book, Theophilus de Garencières, felt the pot-related asides were integral to the text and included them in his translation, but they were later removed by order of the King. ‘Theophilus de Garencières translation from French to English was a close to the original texts as one could hope,’ he said. ‘Unfortunately, de Garencières was an outspoken critic of Pope Clement VIII, who was a bit of a square and very close with Reggie III, the King of France. We believe he had a hand in the censoring the translation.’

A new translation of Les Prophéties that includes the missing references to cannabis is being published later this year by Fausses Nouvelles Press.

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