North Hollywood Released on Apple TV

By Elliott Wright

After launching a wildly successful skateboard company, most creatives would be content to sit back and watch the fruits of their labour grow naturally.

However, Mikey Alfred is not like most creatives. It all started back in 2008 when, as a teenager, he spent countless hours in the Los Angeles streets filming his friends skateboarding. During that time, his friend Na-Kel Smith introduced him to musical artist Tyler, the Creator. Before he knew it, Alfred was Odd Future’s personal videographer, giving him the opportunity to distribute the skate DVD’s he was making, as well as merchandise he was designing, on tour.

What began as a crew of friends gradually developed into a solidified brand as time went on. Illegal Civilization began to gain momentum and worldwide recognition. Even when Alfred started transitioning into hard goods in the form of skateboard decks, he stayed true to his roots, putting his day-one friends from the original crew on the team. However, he was not ready to call it quits. He set his sights higher, with ambitions of finding his way to the silver screen.


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North Hollywood, Alfred’s debut as a writer, director, and co-producer, draws from his own life experience growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles County. The film, starring Ryder McLaughlin, Vince Vaughn and Miranda Cosgrove, premiered globally at Inglewood’s brand-new SoFi Stadium on March 26, 2021, drive-in style. In a world wrecked by the pandemic, Alfred could not have thought of a more ingenious way to unveil his film to a large audience, while staying in line with COVID-precautions.

Since the premiere, Illegal Civ offered tickets through their website for online viewings at home, which sold out at breakneck speed. So now, after much anticipation from those not at the premiere or quick enough to order tickets online, fans are finally able to see Alfred’s newest project. In addition to the actors previously mentioned, the film features many of the same professional skateboarders Alfred looked up to as a teenager not long ago. Not many skateboarders can approach their idols and ask them to act in their own full-length film. But then again, Mikey Alfred is not like most skateboarders.

Watch North Hollywood now, on Apple TV.

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