Nora Vasconcellos Can’t Sing

But she loves cats and can curate a playlist.

We made a zine dedicated to Nora V that came gratuit with our latest print offering.

Bearing that in mind, we figured that we’d get Nora to curate a playlist to breathe a little life into our Apple Music curators channel. Her selection is equal parts quirky and refined, some fresh, and some plucked from the vintage pile. In order to verify the legitimacy of her selections, we also got Nora to demonstrate her own musical chops. The results, well let’s just say that they speak for themselves.

It’s been quite the year for Nora V, which culminated in her turning pro for Welcome Skateboards not two months past, which she commemorated by treating herself to a day at Disneyland. Not quite your typical skate celebration, not quite your typical skater. And we mean that in the most flattering of manners.

If you haven’t jumped on the Apple Music train yet then you should. The playlists are all meticulously curated, and it’s rife for discovering music that you haven’t heard yet. If you’re looking for us, then you can find Monster Children in the Curator Playlists squished between musical powerhouses NME and MOJO. We’re constantly updating our playlists with mixes curated by influential guys and gals from our world, as well as regular installments of the topical musical tendencies of the reprobates in the office. Oh, and the first three months are free too.

Get Nora’s playlist start to finish, right here.

(Photos by Andrew Peters)

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