Nope, We Don’t Know Anything Either

Jordan Peele, Oscar-winning director of Get Out and Us, dropped the poster for his new flick on Twitter Friday, but no one knows what it’s about.

We know it’s called Nope and stars Daniel Kaluuya (who starred in Get Out), Keke Palmer, and Sean Yeun. We also know it’s slated for release in theatres on July 22 next year, but that’s basically all the information available. As you can see from the poster (below), the film has something to do with what appears to be a city in a valley and a raincloud trailing a length of kite ribbon. Very Stephen King, if you ask me. Anyway, that’s all I got.

Speaking of horror movies made by Black directors, the horror streaming platform Shudder is taking their 2019 documentary Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror and expanding it with an anthology series that showcases Black horror from Black directors and screenwriters. ‘When we saw the first cut of our Horror Noire documentary, we realized there was a huge untapped reservoir of great Black horror stories that needed to be told and an extremely talented group of writers and directors ready to tell them,’ said Shudder GM Craig Engler in a statement. ‘While the documentary was a look back at the history of Black horror, this anthology is a showcase for the future and will introduce audiences to fantastic new stories and characters.’ The Horror Noire series will be available on October 14. Jordan Peele’ new joint is miles away.

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