Surfbort. Photo by Jen Dessinger

No Sleep Till Volcom Garden

Have you been to The Volcom Garden?

It’s a retail boutique, art gallery, and live music venue in Austin, Texas. The Garden serves as the physical embodiment of Volcom’s ‘True To This’ ideology by providing a free creative hub for the local scene with an emphasis on both regional and global creators, makers, musicians, artists and anyone that needs an outlet to express their passion, and this year it continues that legacy at SXSW with two days of hectic, balls-to-the-wall, call-the-medic, dammit-I-said-I-need-more-plasma partying. 14 bands and many, many beverages will be in attendance, so you should be there too.

Come celebrate the New Future at Volcom’s psychedelic garden on March 15th and 16th from noon to 7 pm. Co-sponsored by Monster Children, Jagermeister, New Belgium, and Tito’s, this event benefits the SIMS foundation.

Find The Volcom Garden at 1209 E. 6th St., Austin. 

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