Watch ‘No One Knows Me Like the Ocean’

Sink into this ode to the ocean.

Our new short with the maestro himself, Kai Neville, features Steph Gilmore, Mikey February, Alana Spencer, and Kaito Ohashi—four friends governed by a desire to convey their passion in the ocean. Shot over four days on the Coral Coast, Fiji, this short film has been a long time in the making and we want to thank everyone who brought this to life, and to all of our friends in Fiji, especially Tui, Manasa, Lesi, Cormac, Apisi, Tony, Brian and Donna, thank you. We’ll see you soon.

Director: Kai Neville
DOP: Campbell Brown
Producer: Jam Hassan
Photographer: Chris Searl
Creative Director: Matt Pike
Account Director: Kieran Burke
Line Producer: Oli Black
1st AC: Jani Hakli
2nd AC: Charlie Slessar
Water Cinematography: Andy Gough
Water Photographer: Alana Spencer
Drone Operator: Hayden Griffith
Editor: Kai Neville
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
Music Composition: The M1
Sound Post-Production: Sonar Music
Designer: Jye Kwong

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