Nilüfer Yanya Curates New Playlist ‘Airplane Mode’

London-based singer-songwriter Nilüfer Yanya is heading to Australia for the very first time this summer, and for that we are glad.

The talented twenty-something burst onto the scene with debut album, Miss Universe, and hasn’t slowed down since. With husky vocals and experimental guitar work, she’s been likened to musicians like King Krule and Mitski, but her unique blend of indie rock and pop is entirely her own. Nilüfer’s got 24-hours to kill in a big metal bird in the sky on her way over from London, so we caught up with her to see what tracks help ease her through the monotony. Check out what Nilüfer had to say below, then go and listen to her new playlist ‘Airplane Mode’ here on our Apple Music Curators page.

Brittany Howard – ‘Goat Head’

One of my top favourites at the moment. I love the imagery.

Nardeydey – ‘Speedial’

Really nice tune with a lot of surprises.

Big Thief – ‘Not’

I hadn’t listened to this band until their new album this year. I think their songs are really cool and laidback.

SAULT – ‘Smile and Go’

The sample sounding vocal at the beginning is so addictive.

Charlotte Adigéry – ‘Cursed and Cussed’

I discovered Charlotte because we shared a dressing room in Wales, and then I had the chance to watch her play… was really very cool.

Chartreuse – ‘Three Days’

Possibly one of the best songs of the year. Amazing band to watch live also.

M.T. Hadley – ‘Lonely People’

I love this album, one of my faves of the year.

Pixx – ‘I Bow Down’

We toured the east coast of the US with Pixx. Every night when this came on it was my favourite part of the day.

Arlo Parks – ‘Cola’

Really sweet song and vocals.

Lijadu Sisters – ‘Life’s Gonna Down Low’

The vocal lines on it are so, so good. Very catchy song.

Joviale – ‘Dreamboat’

Beautiful song, another favourite of the year. Haunting sounds.

Amerie – ‘1 Thing’

I know everyone knows this one but I had forgotten about it till it came on in a taxi recently. Such a classic.

Catch Nilüfer Yanya live at the following venues:

Wednesday 4 December | Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Friday 6 December | The Foundry, Brisbane

Saturday 7 December | Fairgrounds Festival, Berry

Monday 9 December | Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney

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