New Stuff Up On The MC Store!

New stuff up on the Monster Children shop!

All great stuff, and all planned to be released a while ago, actually, but then something happened with a bat in China and we had to sit on it all and close the shop doors. But we’re reopened now, so come on in and have a sniff around.

No Control Hoodie

This hoodie is great for lying around on the couch and getting cosy with a bottle of wine and a bag of chips and that Steven Seagal movie where he has a ponytail. The slogan on this one says, ‘That Got Out of Control’ and was created by PC Worship back in 2019. It’s a nice hoodie. Should you buy it on the Internet today? Maybe.

Get it here.

MC Death Metal Hoodie

This hoodie is made from luxurious cotton and reads ‘Monster Children’ in borderline illegible death metal text, which is the way it should be: brutal. This hoodie would be good on a camping trip. Very warm, very cosy. You might even wear it to bed, if you’re the kind of person who goes to bed in luxurious cotton hoodies.

Get it here. 

Out of Control Tote Bag

Do you like totes? Who doesn’t! (Assholes, that’s who). We’ve got some new totes. That’s them in the picture. They feature the 2019 logo PC Worship made for us. These totes are made from a sturdy, canvas-like fabric (softer than canvas though) and they are the perfect thing to carry all your shit in. Not actual shit. You should bury that in the woods like everyone else. We’re talking about shit that is stuff.

Get it here. 

MC x Slowtide Towel

What we’ve done here is called our mates at Slowtide and asked if they had any large rectangles of terry towel that we could print a picture of a skull on. Fortunately, they did have some large fabric rectangles, and rectangles of excellent quality. Would you like one? We’ll swap you for some small paper rectangles.

Get it here. 

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