New Photo Book: ‘Rockers’

Full title: ROCKERS: Ted Bafaloukos + 1970s New York + Kingston + On Set Mayhem = The Making of Reggae’s Most Iconic Film.

Personally, I don’t dig reggae. It’s the music my dad played on Saturdays while I mowed the lawn. My friends would call and say, ‘Let’s go skate!’ But I had to mow the lawn first, and there were no cell phones back then, so tracking my buddies down once I was done was near impossible. Anyway, I’m not a reggae fan. But you are! You’re a seasoned reggae aficionado! And that’s why you need to get this book. You’ve seen the movie Rockers, you loved it and grew your own dreadlocks and started saying ‘Irie’ all the time, and now you can read the story of the making of Rockers and look at behind the scenes photos by director Ted Bafaloukos. 320 glorious pages in 9” x 12” hardcover book. 300 of those pages feature stunning color and b/w images from 1975 to 1978 by the late great filmmaker and photographer Ted ‘Greekest Surname Ever’ Bafaloukos. Out this week on Ginko Press.

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