New Netflix Reality Series Celebrates Byron Influencer Twits

I just spent the last eighteen minutes staring into space because I do not know where to begin. Are you sitting down? Good.

Netflix’s first Australian reality series has arrived and it is set in Byron Bay. It is called Byron Baes (please kill me) and will follow a dozen of so Byron-based Instagram influencers as they ‘hustle and [find] love and happiness and the validation of the people around them and people online.’ Those are the words of Netflix’s no doubt cloven-footed director of content for Australia and New Zealand, Que Minh Luu, who also points out that it’s easy to undervalue ‘influencers’ as sad, vacuous, spiritually bankrupt turbo-narcissist weirdos. ‘People can find it easy to write off those who have influencer lifestyles and careers,’ she says, ‘but at the end of the day, aren’t we all curating our lives before we put them out on social media?’ No. No, we’re not. She then talked about the ‘skill’ it takes to curate your Instagram profile and attract hundreds of thousands of keen masturbators—oops—I mean followers. ‘It’s [about] how do you harness charisma, that ability to connect, whether it’s for profit or the greater good or whatever.’ This was all told to the Sydney Morning Herald, by the way. I didn’t personally talk to Que Minh Luu because, you know, she’s almost definitely in league with Satan or whatever. Byron Baes is set to rot your brains and make you wish there was another planet to go to very soon.




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