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New Music for Better Vibes

Is it just me, or has the general vibe been a little off recently?

Can’t quite put my finger on it, but something’s up. We all spent a bunch of time in our own heads over the past year and a half, and the results of this forced residency are mixed. Some of us gave ourselves the heebie-jeebies and couldn’t wait to socialise again, while others seem to have set up shop and remain unwilling to leave the comfort of their own cortex. Over the course of this week I’ve had a woman vocally scowl at me for breaking a bunch of six bananas into three, a young girl ask me what the sky smells like, and a postman deliver mail to my electricity box. And, it’s worth noting, the only reason I even discovered my mail up there is because my ceiling fan is broken and the only way I can turn it on and off is by flipping the main power switch throughout the day. See what I mean? Vibes are off. Perhaps these new songs will bring some harmony back into the atmosphere and balance things out a bit. Your move, music.

Ibibio Sound Machine – Electricity

Did my ceiling fan make this request? Afro-funk ensemble Ibibio Sound Machine and synth-pop group Hot Chip recently met in the latter’s London studio and recorded this futuristic dance floor ditty that will leave writers and editors questioning their careers while everyone else simply has a good time.

Hector Morlet – Surprise!

Perth instrumentalist and songwriter Hector Morlet just dropped his latest single, ‘Surprise!’, and for someone who has never heard his music before, it’s a welcome one. Lo-fi and hi-sung, Mr. Molet says of the song, ‘When you’re lucky enough to stumble upon love, don’t forget to cherish how unlikely it can be.’ Amen.

The War on Drugs – Change

Philly’s best band just dropped this brand new track off their upcoming record, I Don’t Live Here Anymore, out this Friday on Atlantic Records. A song about the trials and tribulations of moving forward and enacting change, this one has the spirit of Springsteen all over it.

Phebe Starr – AIR

Australian singer-songwriter Phebe Starr’s latest is a real creeper of a song. Give it at least three spins, trust me. By the third, you’ll be singing along like your life depends on it. Written in collaboration with Cloud Control’s Alistair Wright, ‘the song was written and produced in a matter of minutes, and all attempts to improve on it took the humanness out’, says Starr.

Halfnoise – Last Day on Earth

Halfnoise is the moniker of producer and Paramore drummer Zac Farro, and this pop lullaby is the final track to be shared from his upcoming record, Motif, out November 5 on Congrats Records. As with Hayley Williams’ solo debut last year, Farro’s side project is a clear departure from Paramore’s signature sound.

La Luz – I Won’t Hesitate

Los Angeles-based surf noir band La Luz just dropped their new self-titled album this week, along with this spy thriller of a music video for their single, ‘I Won’t Hesitate’. If perfect harmonies backed by nostalgic tunes wrapped in long trench coats is your thing, Merry Christmas!

Bonobo – Tides (feat. Jamila Woods)

Producing music under the moniker Bonobo for over 20 years, Simon Green has well and truly reached icon status in the electronic soundsphere. His latest single featuring Chicago singer Jamila Woods is another fine example of his consistent ability to inject chill into anything he touches—just don’t listen too carefully to the lyrics if you wanna stay in that flow state.

Ric Wilson & Yellow Days – Life’s Been Good To Me

That’s it, I’m making it official: Yellow Days, the musical project of London’s George Van Den Broek, and Chicago rapper Ric Wilson, is the official antidote to 2021. How could you feel down in the dumps when a song like this exists? What a vibe. Their new collaborative EP, Disco Ric in London Town, drops October 29th.

Digga D – Red Light Green Light

If you’re yet to be converted to the church of Digga D, allow me to anoint you. The 21-year-old rapper has taken the UK drill scene by storm, with a bunch of chart-topping singles and a #3 mixtape under his belt. If a hype man was a song, it’d sound like his latest, ‘Red Light Green Light’. The accompanying Squid Games inspired music video directed by Teeeezy is just the icing on the cake.

Matt Muse –  Rapport feat. theMIND

Chicago-based hip-hop artist Matt Muse just dropped this new track that originated in his ‘Sixteenth Chapel’ quarantine workshop series where rappers and producers were each given 16 minutes to create a verse and beat during lockdown. Producer Berlo’s beat stole the show, and with vocal blessings from Chicago singer theMind, ‘Rapport’ was born.

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