The New Installation at 98 Orchard is a 3-for-1 Deal

Los Angeles art collective Arthur King arrives at 98 Orchard this week with not just one, but three shows.

Each installation is based on a separate project by Arthur King, and they’ll all be roommates at 98 Orchard starting August 15th. First up: Randy Randall’s solo album project, Sound Field Vol. 1, released earlier this year in collaboration with artist Aaron Farley. The second installment is an interactive audiovisual installation that involves playing with a bucket of soybeans (trust us, it’s trippy). The third, NYLONANDJUNO, is an experimental album and visual art piece by Grandaddy founder, songwriter and producer Jason Lytle and creative collective Mind Palace. If that doesn’t sound like something worth getting off your couch for, we’re not sure what is. To make sure you don’t miss the sensory overload (or the free beer that comes with it), RSVP here.

Arthur King Presents at 98 Orchard
Opening August 15th at 6-10pm at 98 Orchard St
On view August 15th – 21st

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